INTENSE 100 Brix Superfruits for Craft Brewing

One of the keys to success as a brewery is to master consistency in the brewing process. Another is to reduce costs. Our INTENSE 100 Brix Superfruits can help you achieve both. These unique, dehydrated fruit additions can help you save on shipping and storage while also simplifying your formulation. This product is used in beverages, food and snacks and nutritional delivery systems.

Ingredients and Flavors

INTENSE 100 Brix Superfruits are derived from 100% natural, organic fruit juices. We never add sugars and the product is kosher, non-GMO project verified and USDA organic certified. These are some of the flavors available:

Our process allows us to achieve tight controls and bio-septic sanitation without the addition of chemicals or preservatives. We are even certified by Ecocert as being sustainably sourced.

Benefits in Craft Brewing

Using INTENSE 100 Brix Superfruits for fruit additions in craft brewing can help you achieve a simpler and more consistent process. These are some of the key benefits:

  • Stable and Consistent: We use a proprietary method to remove water from the product. This doesn’t compromise flavor, color or nutritional content. Our superfruits are shelf-stable and very well preserved.
  • Simplified Shipping and Storage: 10 lbs. of INTENSE 100 Brix Superfruits is equal to around 100 lbs. of a conventional 10 BRIX puree. Similarly, the volume and weight are also condensed by a factor of 10. A 42.5-lb. sample of INTENSE 100 Brix Superfruits is equal to a 425-lb. drum of puree.
  • Easy Brewing: To use INTENSE, simply add it directly to the brewing solution. Very little effort is needed to achieve a consistent and delicious fruit adding to your craft brewing process.

Order Today

Order your INTENSE 100 Brix Superfruits today. This is a highly reliable and cost-effective way to add fruit to your brewing process. Infield Market makes buying INTENSE and other high-quality ingredients easier. Explore our market and see what you could use for your craft brewing operation.