Frequently Asked Questions

Infield Market is a business-to-business multi-storefront e-commerce website built to buy and sell ingredients from your facility.

Mostly Ingredients suppliers, brands and manufacturers with excess or “need to move” materials.

As a sales and marketing agency, Infield Market is available for manufacturers, brands, ingredient suppliers, but not direct consumers.

We perform a background check on the company and the respective individuals who have set up an account. We would typically speak with a representative directly as well.

Additionally, there are 3 main checks that would alert us to any potential issues:

  • Liability Insurance of the Seller and Buyer
  • Original manufacturer documents and/or a letter of guarantee is required to post a raw material. Additional documents including a Chain of Custody may also be required.
  • The full transaction is not completed until the buyer has signed off on and accepted the material within the time frame outline on the Terms and Conditions. Only then will the funds be released from escrow.

Two secure options:

  • Credit Card via Stripe (3% Processing Fee)
  • Bank – Safely pay with your bank account and avoid credit card fees. Plaid provides a revolutionary platform that is both encrypted and secure for your safety. Check out Plaid.  

You may apply for terms on regularly stocked and/or represented ingredient lines from our iM Direct partners. We also accept ACH and Credit Card Payments through a traditional shopping cart system. 

In the case of excess inventory or rescued ingredients, the transaction is processed in an escrow fashion. Funds from the purchasing party will be taken into escrow immediately. Terms and conditions dictate that the funds are held until the material has been accepted and approved or within 20 days of shipping. Upon approval funds will be released to the seller. The seller isn’t sending valuable product with out assurance that the funds have been allocated and the buyer isn’t transferring funds directly to the seller without receiving the material agreed upon.

  • In this system, you are gaining the benefit of competitively priced and usually discounted items. Funds are NOT passed directly to the seller immediately. Instead, they are held in an escrow account to ensure accountability by each party. This is clean and simple and avoids the hassle of tracking down payment on invoices or refunds should the need arise. 
  • Because inventory is as shown, product is set to sell and ship quickly.
  • In some instances, we will consider the nature of the proposal on behalf of both parties. 

Simply click on the “dashboard” or “cart” which will prompt a new account set up and allow you to thoroughly search the ingredients you are looking for by key word and various sub categories.

You manage your listing, prices, etc. We will provide guidance as we see fit.

We included a map to show you where each product is located to help make the best decision according to your geographical location. The map also shows you just how much product there really is!

You can use the key words to search a specific branded ingredient, raw material manufacturer that you may have already approved and narrow this down through the options in “Attribute,” “Sub Categories” and even search by price and expiration dates.

We do not charge a sample fee.

Please select the sample button and we will coordinate the shipping of a product sample for your evaluation. It is that easy!


  • Start-ups, brands and manufacturers alike will be able to use material for pilot and production runs.
  • Shortage in the market? Take a look and see if we have it in the short term.
  • USP, Organic and human grade ingredients all available here today.


  • What you see is what you get. Inventory is required to be in stock as listed.

Competitive Pricing

  • To start, we are focusing on these raw materials that were left out. These are unopened and unused perfectly good products priced to sell.
  • Motivated sellers manage their own prices and tiered pricing structure.

Customer Service

  • Direct access to Infield Market customer service to assist in facilitating sales, documents, shipping and sampling.


  • We aim to get your product in front of as many buyers and interested parties as possible through multiple publications covering human and animal nutrition, food and beverage and cosmetic categories.

Requirements vary between nutraceutical, food, animal and cosmetic, but the sellers are required to have a manufacturer Certificate of Analysis specific to the lots available.

As secondary upload that includes Product Spec/Ingredient Statement/Allergen Statement/Process Flow Chart/Letter of guarantee are requested as well.

Additional documents will likely be requested from the customer, so we encourage selling parties to upload all appropriate documentation available to allow for an efficient decision-making process.

Yes, please request a freight quote once you have placed your order. We will bill accordingly.

As a sales and marketing agency, Infield Market is available to businesses only (manufacturers, brands, ingredient suppliers).

Nothing. You can sign up as a buyer or apply to become a vendor. Our Tier 1 Fees are assessed only on the sale of the product you post.