IM Direct Launch of Organic Superfoods Product Line – Over 60 New Ingredients & Blends

Foods and beverages abundant in vitamins, minerals, proteins, antioxidants and a variety of other nutrients, widely known as superfoods, have taken our industry by storm driven by consumer demand as personal nutrition has made great strides over the last few years. In our post, last month about chronic dehydration we discussed how beneficial certain superfoods are in helping the body recover and re-hydrate properly. At the end of that post, we teased the launch of a superfoods line through IM Direct. Today we are excited to officially announce that the Organic Superfood line, innovated by our IM Direct Ingredient Manufacturer, is now available through Infield Market.

By bringing on this product line we offer immediate and transparent access to the highest grade whole organic, freeze-dried and spray-dried superfoods put through a quality assurance system that exceeds industry standards. The Superfood ingredients are freeze-dried or spray-dried at the peak of freshness to ensure optimal nutrient density. All Superfood products are USDA Organic Certified Ingredients and are manufactured right here in the USA.

Among our extensive ingredient listing, we offer high demand superfood powder including:

For our full Superfood ingredient list click here to view our line card. 

As food, beverage, supplement, health and wellness innovators, now is the time to tap into a new level with Superfood ingredients that are guaranteed to offer incredible taste, brilliant colors, and multiple direct applications including beverages, powders, vegan blends, as flavors, whole foods, snacks, meal replacements and more. Our product line hits a wide variety of industry wants and needs and is readily available for big nutraceutical and foods as well as mom and pop chains, smaller brands, beverages – think Kombucha, craft breweries, cold brew coffee, etc. – paleo brands and organic foods and spices.

With well over 30 years of ingredient manufacturing experience, our partner takes pride in “manufacturing and supplying wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients to both the organic and conventional food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries.” This IM Direct Manufacturing partner offers custom blends, formulation, and full turnkey private label options:

  • Bottles and Canisters
  • Pillow Packs
  • Blister Packs
  • Stand Up Pouches

To learn more about our new superfood product line and our IM Direct Manufacturing partner you can contact one of our ingredient experts by emailing us at or calling us at 888.285.6120.

More on our featured ingredients listed above:

  • Organic Freeze Dried Coconut Water Powder
    • Sourced from young coconuts
    • High in potassium and other electrolytes making it a proven hydrator
    • Our freeze-dried powder is readily water-soluble
  • Organic Spray Dried Coconut Milk Powder 45% & 65%
    • Sourced from the meat of organic coconuts
    • Excellent source of Medium-Chain Triglycerides
    • Can be flavored or blended with any of our organic freeze-dried fruit powders
  • Organic Freeze Dried Acerola Cherry 34% + Vitamin C
    • Native to South and Central America
    • Extremely rich source of vitamin C – one cup of acerola cherries contains more than ten times that of an orange
    • Also a good source of vitamins A, B1, B2, and B3 as well as carotenoids and bioflavonoids
    • Available as:
      • Freeze Dried Organic Powder
      • Freeze Dried Organic Powder 17% Vitamin C
      • Freeze Dried Organic Powder 22% Vitamin C
  • Organic Freeze Dried Acai Powder
    • Rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, resveratrol, amino acids, B-vitamins, and fiber
    • Our freeze drying process preserves anthocyanin and polyphenol compounds which ensure our acai product maintains to true color characteristics
    • Available as:
      • Acai Organic Oil
      • Freeze Dried Acai Organic Powder
      • Freeze Dried Acai DRY Organic Powder
      • Freeze Dried Acai Organic Powder 50%
  • Organic Freeze Dried Watermelon Juice Powder
    • The perfect complement to coconut water as it is considered a ‘natural’ sports drink and is rich in potassium and other electrolytes providing optimal hydration
  • Organic Freeze Dried Guarana Powder
    • Contains twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee seeds (2-4.5% in guarana vs. 1-2% in coffee)
    • Rich in potassium, vitamin A, Vitamin C and alkaloid antioxidants
    • Available as:
      • Freeze Dried Guarana Organic Powder
      • Freeze Dried Guarana Organic Powder 9-11%
      • Freeze Dried Guarana Organic Powder 12-14%
  • Organic Yerba Mate 8-10% Caffeine & Green or Whole Powder
    • A good source of natural caffeine and xanthine alkaloids
    • Rich in vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins
    • Mineral-rich containing calcium, maganese, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus
    • Considered a highly prized natural occurring stimulant
    • NON-GMO Verified
    • KOSHER
    • Available as:
      • Freeze Dried Yerba Mate Organic Powder
      • Freeze Dried Yerba Mate GREEN Organic Powder
      • Freeze Dried Yerba Mate 8-10% Organic Powder


Deep Ocean Minerals ™ is a mineral-derived raw material innovation manufactured from deep ocean water using a sustainable-patented process, which features a synergistic profile of over 70 essential minerals and trace elements. Deep Ocean Minerals™ are drawn from water from a minimum of 600 meters below sea level in a geographically protected location off the east coast of Taiwan. There are no sunlight or pathogens just seawater rich naturally occurring minerals that are essential to the body and are comparable to the ion profile in human blood. Several studies and published clinical research has proven that DOM provides accelerated recovery, energy and rejuvenation of the human body upon receiving the mineral-rich ocean water before, during and after physical activity.

SaffSerene™ is a standardized saffron extract from stigmas containing 2% safranal, crocin and picrocrocin. It promotes healthy psychological function, supporting emotional health and mood balance as demonstrated in multiple published studies.* SaffSerene™ is derived from non-GMO saffron flowers from Turkey and Morocco. The saffron extract contains 2% safranal, crocin and picrocrocin as main actives. Clinical studies have show a low 15 mg 2x daily dose of SaffSerene™ to be effective in promoting healthy psychological function, safely and effectively.*